Legacy of RCHC

The Royal College Hockey Club (RCHC) owes its inception to a group of visionary past Royalist hockey players who laid the groundwork for the sport’s growth. The RCHC was launched when the school hockey was going through a transition in 1990. 


It was a brain child of many past hockey players. Mr. Nihal Nilaweera, Mr. Mahinda Illangage, Mr. L.A.D. Sirisena, Mr. U.C. Jayasinghe, Mr. P.M. Withana, Mr. M.I. de Silva, Mr. J.A. Jayasinghe, and Mr. V.P. de Silva, were called in October 1990 by the then Principal Mr. B. Suriaarachchi and the Senior Games Master Mr. V.B. Samarakoon. Recognizing the need to enhance the game of Hockey at Royal College, these dedicated individuals responded to the call with great enthusiasm and determination, setting the wheels in motion for the establishment of the RCHC. The first Secretary of RCHC was Mr. Vasantha de Silva.

Within a year of their collective efforts, the RCHC was officially inaugurated on 2nd October 1991. Since then, the Club has made significant strides in advancing hockey at Royal College. The initial committee, along with the unwavering support of the other founder members, played pivotal roles in guiding the Club during its early years and laid the foundation for the Club’s growth and progress. Together, they have fostered a vibrant hockey culture at the college and provided young players with a platform to excel in the sport.

Today, the Club is at the forefront of organizing the island wide Blue & Gold Hockey 7s among the hockey playing schools, Royal Hockey League (RHL) among the past Royalists hockey players, and hockey carnivals among the kids who wants to enjoy the game at their early school stages. It also maintains three strong teams only comprising past players who still enjoy playing the games at district, national, and international level.

The RCHC has transformed the game to hockey to a higher level with its landmark Blue & Gold Hockey 7s, one of the most sought tournaments by schools which play hockey. It has maintained its highest standards despite many financial constraints and other challenges.